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After reading about web logs lately, I think this could be helpful and interesting to those who use this site. Feel free to ask any specific questions or share tips or information. 

The way this works, is that you send your comments or questions by email. Please let me know if you prefer to remain anonymous, but I think it would be interesting to everyone if you would list your location, and perhaps tell a little bit about yourself if you like.

I will post the communications in the log from time to time so that everyone may profit from one another.

Dear Liesa,

I am a British citizen living in Oklahoma (I know!!!). My wife and kids are American citizens and we have the opportunity to move to the South of France next year, when my father is moving there himself. I have had extensive experience of the Provence and Var regions, which have always been places very close to my heart. Both my wife and I very much look forward to moving there and feel it is a wonderful opportunity for the kids. We are looking to purchase and run a Bed and Breakfast.

As an E.U citizen, do I need any sort of additional health insurance to live in France. Do my wife and children benefit from my EU citizen status or must they procure their own health insurance from an American insurance company? Our main concern is about our oldest daughter who has a disability. She needs a daily growth hormone injection, which is subsidised in the States. Do you have any idea how this would pan out in France? Would she qualify for this sort of treatment as a U.S citizen with a British father? Your site has answered many of our questions already, but we would just like to cover all of our bases, as it were.

Thanks for all your help,



I am not sure about the specific question related to your daughter's treatment, but I do know that medical care in France in top notch. I feel sure that if your daughter needs a specific treatment, she would get it here. I could provide you with the contact information for one of the offices that aministrates medical insurance claims, or the contact information for a physician in the specialty that your daughter would be followed by. I think maybe a physician would be best able to answer that question. That is where I would start if I were you.

As for the medical insurance, I believe that your having an EU passport would cover your whole family, but I am not 100% on that.

Your family should be able to apply for a passport where you hold one. I will forward an email exchange that I had with someone who has an Irish passport. Maybe that will be helpful, and you might even want to make contact with them. I haven't asked them, but I can't imaging that they would mind my passing on their contact info.

Best Regards,


Dear Liesa, The email below helped out in an incredible way. I was, through Ireland, able to apply for an Irish passport which is now in process. It now seems so simple to live and work overseas!. I can't thank you enough for that suggestion. B


Hello. It is my understanding that if one spouse has an EU passport, the other spouse can get one, too. I would contact the Irish administration and ask what you have to do to also get an Irish passport. If that doesn't work out, you should still be able to have permission to work because your spouse does have an EU passport. You should get a 10-year residence permit automatically because of that (the 10-year residence permits all allow you to work).

I have some friends/acquaintances who moved here last year from South Africa. She has an Italian passport, also, because of one of her parents. They both have the right to work here, but she stays home with their kids. Also, they have no problems getting the Allocation Familiale, which is a monthly payment you get if you have at least two children. If you want, you can write out a list of all the questions you have, and I will ask them to answer them since it sound like their situation is identical to yours. Regards Liesa

----- Original Message ----- From: B To: '[email protected]' Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2003 5:41 AM Subject: Here's a couple for you!

I sure hope you're answering questions on a move to france. There seems so much disinformation and the French Consulate aren't able to assist! My wife has an EU (irish) passport, I am Australian. We live in Australia. We want to live and work in Paris. I understand we need a carte de sejour. How does one ensure that they get the work permit carte and not the residency only carte? If my wife does not work to look after the children which we may have, does this mean my permit is no longer valid? Can you help! B

Hi Leisa,

Just found your wonderful site! My husband and I would like very much to move to France (we've been on vacation there several times). Our first choice would be the Pyrenees-Atlantique. We've heard that Region does not get the extreme heat that the others do. We're just at the beginning of our quest and some things seem more difficult than others. We were told by the French Consul in Chicago--our nearest--that one does not need a certain amount of yearly income to reside in France, but merely the fact that you can afford to purchase property is sufficient proof. Also, is that figure you quote on health insurance, 6,000 euros for insurance for a couple, correct? Thank you for this and any other help or information you can give. Sincerely, M


Hi Leisa,

Me again....I forgot to mention, we are not millionaires or anything close to it. Is there still hope for us? We'd be looking to spend no more than 75,000 euros on a small, rural home. Is that possible?

Thanks again,


Hi Leisa,

M here....I just wanted to thank you for first, answering my email. Finally,...someone who answers and gives down to earth help!! And secondly, for the clear, concise information you gave me. May I ask, how long you have lived in France and what were the circumstances in which you decided to move? May I contact you with other questions? Also, I know about "lotsa" kids too; I have 5 daughters and 7 grandchildren! I know they keep you running all day, especially with an 18-month old! Wow! Anyhow, I should get back to work (so I can retire!) :) It is now Wednesday morning, 8:30 a.m. EDT. Hope to hear from you soon.

April 26, 2003

I have been enjoying helping several people lately. It gives me a really good feeling to be able to help people. I have decided to continue to focus on just adding useful content, without any strictly-commercial attempts. I will still pass on recommendations for various services, etc. where I think it might be of interest. If anyone does click through to one of the merchants on my site, then I will receive a small commission. To help cover the costs of this site, I ask that anyone who can and feels like this site has been helpful, to please make a donation with this button from Paypal. Any amount will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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April 28, 2003 I just re-published my Cooking in France page. Please let me know if there are any specific recipes you would like for me to have converted for French availability, and I will do my best to get it done for you.

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