Medical Care in France



Medical care in France is very good. It is actually rated higher by the WHO than medical care in the U.S. Doctors, including family doctors, and all types of specialists and medical personnel to which you are accustomed in your home country are available here.

Most doctors make house calls, as well as nurses and laboratory personnel. There are usually English-speaking practitioners available for people who would prefer to discuss medical matters in English.

Dentists in France are generally good and thorough. It is highly recommended you ask, and have explained to you in English, the procedures the dentist wants to perform. For Orthodontics work already in progress, check with your dentist before you leave for France. There is a book of 'Doctors The World Over,' where you can find one using the same system your orthodontist is using.

Since I'm actually a Family Practice Physician, I have taken extra interest in the medical system here. To learn all about what to expect, and to find out about the over-the-counter meds to look for, etc., check out my new subscription-only website at www.France-Property-and-Life.com.


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