Buying a House in France - Making an Offer


When you buy a house in France, you are expected to make an offer. Usually the offer is for less than the listed price.

You need to be clear on whether the listed price includes the immobilier's commission, which is usually 6 to 8%. It usually does not include the notaire's fees, which are usually about 6%, also, but vary according to the age of the house and the value of the house.

As there are no multiple listing services in France, you can list your property with as many estate agents as you like, and additionally you can ask different prices. Even if you ask the same price, it is possible that the various immobiliers will ask different commission percentages.

On the flip side, a smart buyer can take advantage of this and check around at various estate agencies to see if the same property is listed at different prices, and then make an offer through the agency with the lowest asking price.

The immobilier is legally obliged to pass on any offer to the seller, even if they find the offer unacceptably low.



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