Bootcamp Conference France! September 16 to 18

Lots of people dream of moving to France, and many fewer people actually make the move.

How can you make sure you can count yourself in the group that makes it happen?

Bootcamp Conference France will be held at Mas de Puech Long, Liesa and Carl Blond's exclusive boutique resort and meeting center in the South of France between Montpellier and Nimes. 

Our conference is different from the other seminars you may have attended or read about. We won't just parade a stream of speakers past you or just present you with current property listings.

We will reveal the latest and most important information and considerations to help you with the details of your moving to France.

You can bring your troublesome French Administration paperwork with you, and we will actually help you to fill it out!!!

If you dream of moving to France, you owe it to yourself to register today for the 2005 Bootcamp Conference France! ! Make your dream of living in France come true! All the Insider Information that can help you with planning your move will be revealed at this power-packed bootcamp conference.

Topics to be Covered Include:

  • Banking in France - how to open an account in France, how to get a mortgage in France, what you need to know and can't count on the bankers to tell you - Be informed!
  • Taxes in France - What you don't know CAN hurt you! Planning can save you headaches and lots of money. This includes planning for your succession/inheritance issues, as well.
  • Renovating? New Construction? Maison de Village? Mas? Big City? Small Village? Our team will give you insights into making the best choice for you, your budget and meshing your dream with a liveable reality. All about finding a good renovation team or builder, and working with them to finish on budget and on time!
  • Life in France - British expat Louise Hurren shares 50 Things You Should Know Before Moving to France.
  • Insurance Issues in France - The laws related to insurance (like most things in France!) are very different from the UK, the states, Canada, and most anywhere else. Find out what you need to know to stay out of trouble from a British expat who just happens to also be a French insurance agent!
  • Insider Hour with a French Notaire and Lawyer/Solicitor/Avocat - What you should know before you sign ANYTHING in France.
  • Health Care in France - Participating in the French medical insurance system is mandatory, or is it? This, plus specific questions about how to sign up and how much it will cost you (and how to minimize the cost) will be discussed. Information relevant to both EU citizens and non-EU citizens will be explained.
  • Education in France - Private?, Public?, Bilingual? Homeschooling? International Bac. vs. French Bac. with International Option? - all of this and more will finally be made clear to you.
  • Bringing Your Pet to France - What you need to know to legally, affordably, and quickly bring your pet through customs.
  • French Leaseback - How you can save money, make money, and own a property in France. The ins and outs of this law will be revealed.
  • Parlez Vous Français? - Your choices for learning French in France, and how to survive in the meantime.
  • Furnishing Your French Property with Great Style for Pocket Change - Really - Lead by an interior decorator who has done just that for countless expats in France.
  • Gestion de Patriomoine - You NEED This Information Whether You Realize it or Not. Trust me - these people can protect you from being cheated right and left and at every turn (like we have been more or less!). I only recently even heard of such a thing, unfortunately. This sort of thing doesn't really exist where I come from. Just hearing this one presentation could save you thousands or many many thousands or Euros/Pounds/Dollars, however you want to count it. And, No, we do not get a commission from these people. You owe it to yourself to hear what they have to say, and to consider having them protect you from those who would cheat you in France.
  • Making a Living in France - Whether you intend to be an employee, or you want to start a business in France, we will give you the lowdown on the laws for what you plan to do. Legal concerns, Tax concerns, Insurance Concerns, having employees, commuting, running a bed and breakfast or gites, or renting out your French property while you are not able to enjoy it yourself - We will cover all of this.
  • French Administration Paperwork Workshop - Bring your toublesome forms, and we will help you fill them out! Just avoiding having to pay a translator or a relocation agency for this will more than pay for the cost of this bootcamp conference!

    Extras Included: 

  • Insider's Must-Have Survival Rolodex for Surviving and Thriving in France
  • Horse Carriage Ride to the top of a nearby hilltop with an unbelievable panoramic view of the vineyards, small villages, and the Cevennes Mountains - with a gourmet picnic and wine-tasting while there!
  • Conference Syllabus and Workbook
  • Aperitif party, including many English-speakers from various countries who live in the area.
  • lunch all 3 days of the conference, including wine.
  • drinks and snacks during the conference.
  • several surprise gifts for you to make sure that we over-deliver!


    Available at Extra Charge to Bootcamp Conference Attendees

  •  Accommodation at Mas de Puech Long 

  • Gourmet dinners with wine on-site

  • Spa Services, including massages, facials, aromatherapy, scrubs, nails, steamroom, indoor Jacuzzi.

  • Horse Trail Rides for 1 hour, 2 hours, half day trips from Mas de Puech Long.

  • Trek Bike Rentals for the many bike trails in the area. 

  • Art Classes on-site, including tile painting, drawing, painting in various media, pottery, wood carving, mosaics, silk-painting, photography, and more.

  • Pony rides available for our smaller guests.
  • Babysitting/Kids Camp available during and outside conference times.  

    Nearby Areas of Interest:
  • Nimes, with its Roman Arena and bullfights 
  • Montpellier
  • Avignon
  • Carcassone, the double walled fortress village 
  • Mediterranean Beaches, many many of them. 
  • Pont du Gard, the aquaduct with three tiers 
  • Anduze, with its famous pots and steam engine train. 
  • Uzes
  • Sommieres, with its Roman bridge still in use, the Saturday morning flea market and open market 
  • Saintes Maries de la Mer
  • Cirque de Navacelle
  • Marseille
  • St. Remy de Provence and Les Baux de Provence
  • Aix en Provence
  • Millau, with its impressive new aquaduct 
  • Via Domitia, the remnants of the Roman road from Rome to Spain 
  • Arles
  • The Camargue, with its wild bulls and horses


    You won't believe the low price of this Bootcamp Conference France! Please compare with any other conference/seminar on moving to France. You will discover that even our full price is way cheaper than even the earliest bird registration for the others!

    Why it that? Well, this is our first Bootcamp Conference France!, and we want to make it easy for you to attend. Frankly, we plan to start offering these conferences a couple of times a year if this one is well received, and our prices will NEVER be this low again.

    So, what are the prices? That depends on when you register and if you are a member of one of our membership sites or not, and if you are a lifetime member of one of our sites or not.

  • If you are an annual member of either of our membership sites, then you can deduct 10% off the price of any of the registrations.
  • f you register before midnight on June 21, then you pay 400 Euros for your registration PLUS you get to bring a friend for FREE! 
  • If you miss the earliest bird registration, but register before midnight on June 29, then you can still register for 400 Euros per person. You just miss out on getting to bring a friend for free.
  • If you register between June 30 and midnight on July 31, then you can register for 500 Euros per person at the regular early bird rate.
  • Starting August 1, registration is 600 Euros per person.


    We do hope you will join us for this first Bootcamp Conference France! We promise to over-deliver!

    Liesa and Wendy

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